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General contact information

Coordinating all initiatives of the University of Graz Refugee Aid:
Vice-Rector Peter Riedler
Tel.: 0316/380-1740
E-Mail: refugees(at)uni-graz.at

Running the website refugees.uni-graz.at:
Gerhild Leljak, Press and Communication Office    
Tel.: 0316/380-1017
E-Mail: gerhild.leljak(at)uni-graz.at

German as a second language

German language courses at treffpunkt sprachen:
Alexandra Tzivanopoulos
Tel.: 0316/380 – 2699
E-Mail: alexandra.tzivanopoulos(at)uni-graz.at 

Support of teachers in German as a second language classes:
Sabine Schmölzer-Eibinger, Centre for Teaching Training at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:
Tel.: 0316/380 – 8393
E-Mail: sabine.schmoelzer(at)uni-graz.at

Studying at the University of Graz

Bernhard Sebl, Office of Academic Affairs
Tel.: 0316/380 -1155
E-Mail: bernhard.sebl(at)uni-graz.at 

Student advisory service:
Elisabeth Krauss, 4students
Tel.: 0316/380-1058
E-Mail: elisabeth.krauss(at)uni-graz.at

Legal advice

Legal advice for refugees together with relevant organisations:
Wolfgang Benedek, Institute of International Law and International Relations
Tel.: 0316/380-3411
E-Mail: wolfgang.benedek(at)uni-graz.at

Contacts at the Faculties

Faculty of Arts and Humanities  
Dean's Office Ulrike Freitag
Arts Michael Walter
History Johanna Rolshoven
Languages & literature Arne Ziegler
Philosophy Lukas Meyer
Faculty of Catholic Theology  
Institute of Theology and Philosophy Reinhold Esterbauer
Faculty of Natural Sciences  
Institute of Chemistry Walter Gössler
Institute of Earth Sciences Walter Kurz
Institute of Mathematics Klemens Fellner
Institute of Molecular Biosciences Brigitte Pertschy
Institute of Plant Sciences Martin Magnes
Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Martin Schmid

Andreas Zimmer

Institute of Physics Ulrich Hohenester
Institute of Psychology Mathias Benedek
Institute of Zoology

Christian Sturmbauer

Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences  
Business Administration Wolf Rauch
Economics Daniel Eckert

Johannes Ebner

Susanne Kink

Katharina Scherke

Faculty of Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences  
Institute of Educational Sciences

Lisa Paleczek

Julia Seyss-Inquart

Annette Sprung

Institute of Geography and Regional Sciences

Ulrich Ermann

Petra Wlasak

Institute of Sports Sciences

Andrea Paletta

Sylvia Titze

Environmental Systems Sciences Romana Rauter
Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change Karin Eisner

General contact information

Peter Riedler

Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1740

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